US EPA Health Advisories for PFAS


The US EPA has just announced NEW HEALTH ADVISORIES FOR FOUR PFAS COMPOUNDS, with the values being quite low for PFOA and PFOS

  • Interim updated Health Advisory for PFOA = 0.004 parts per trillion (ppt)
  • Interim updated Health Advisory for PFOS = 0.02 ppt
  • Final Health Advisory for GenX chemicals = 10 ppt
  • Final Health Advisory for PFBS = 2,000 ppt

EPA has put together a lengthy FAQ which can be viewed here.

Weston & Sampson is very involved with regulators, industry organizations representing the water, wastewater, solid waste, and environmental stakeholders, and the regulatory and laboratory analytical communities. We continue to work with all parties to ensure that our drinking water is safe, that we help our clients manage wastewater, wastewater residuals, and contaminated media in a responsible manner.

Weston & Sampson’s team of PFAS experts continues to be engaged on this issue and we are prepared to answer any questions you may have about these new Health Advisories.

Please contact your project manager or contact us here.

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