Playground Planning & Design

Fallon Field Playground

The Boston Parks and Recreation Department (BPRD) selected Weston & Sampson to plan, design, and implement meaningful playground improvements at Fallon Field in Roslindale.

The Roslindale community is very active in advocating for new and expanded open space and playground resources throughout their community. As part of our work on this project, we have collaborated with the BPRD and residents at an extremely high level in an effort to bring additional accessible, state-of-the-art playground features to an area that has been characterized as a “play desert.”

Our design development plans accommodate dramatic elevation changes and include a 30-foot-high rope climbing structure, a 38-foot slide, an “urban wilds” maze, play facilities for both younger and older children, a spray pad, and a playhouse, as well as shade and seating amenities. To make this playground a truly unique place, we have incorporated artful additions into our plans, such as matching vertical posts and a slanted archway entry to the little kid zone.

Having successfully navigated a spirited, collaborative, and constructive public engagement process, our team drew up the final design documents for the Fallon Field playground improvement, and construction of this unique park and playground was complete in spring 2017.


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