Fuel Oil Tank System Design

Fuel Oil Tank System Design

The Sullivan West Central School District (CSD) plans to replace the fuel oil tank at the elementary school.  The existing fuel oil tank is approximately 12,000 gallons, which supplies oil to four boilers of the Sullivan West Elementary School.  Currently, the existing supply pipe enters the building in the 38 wing basement. The district is replacing the existing tank system with a new 15,000 gallon tank system.   

Weston & Sampson reviewed existing as-built and record documents and developed two conceptual tank/piping layouts one with the piping routing through the building, and a second assuming that there are two separate piping runs to each boiler from the tank across the parking lot. Conceptual level cost estimates with order of magnitude budgets will be prepared for each layout for planning purposes only.  Following completion of the concept sketches, the team will discuss with the owner the preferred approach and specific concerns/preferences of the various elements.  Weston & Sampson’s mechanical/electrical/plumbing team will provide detailed design of the removal and/or abandonment of the existing fuel oil tank and the installation of a new fuel oil tank and associated re-piping. This task will include the detailed design of the following:

  • Removal/abandonment of the existing fuel oil tank and necessary piping.
  • Specifications for removal and replacement of contaminated soils
  • Installation of a new fuel oil tank and piping.
  • Installation of a new shut off if not currently present.
  • Installation of a new tank warning system


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