Fuel System Design & Construction – East Hartford, CT

Fuel System Design and Construction for Various Clients and Communities

Weston & Sampson has significant experience providing engineering design and construction services for fuel systems.

We recently completed a project for the Bank of America in East Hartford, Connecticut, which involved the removal and replacement of a 15,000-gallon underground storage tank (UST) used to store diesel fuel for back-up power generators.  The replacement of the tank was critical as the Bank of America building served as a check processing facility and could not be without power in an emergency. To address this issue, Weston & Sampson designed a temporary fuel storage and pumping facility, which was used during the UST removal and replacement.

To save time and minimize costs, the facility’s existing fuel pumps were used to integrate the temporary fuel storage tank with the existing generator’s fueling system. Both the temporary and new fuel systems were rigorously tested prior to being put into service to meet Bank of America’s strict operational procedures due to the critical nature of the facility’s use as a check processing facility.

Weston & Sampson has also designed many back-up power generator fueling systems for water and sewer pumping stations, including several for the Town of Palmer, Massachusetts.

In addition, Weston & Sampson designed a new heating fuel system for the Lynn Economic Development and Industrial Corporation, which involved the installation of a new 3,000 gallon fire-rated above ground storage tank within the basement of a historical building.  Work included carefully removing a portion of the building's exterior wall and installing a new doorway to allow the removal of the existing tanks and the installation of the new 3,000 gallon tank.    


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