Gas Transmission Pipeline Extension

Our firm provided construction administration and inspections of a steel natural gas transmission pipeline extension to Lenoir County (North Carolina) and Piedmont Natural Gas. A new, 6-inch steel transmission line was installed along a 7.3 mile stretch. We were responsible for the design, permitting and construction administration services to ensure this new line was constructed and placed in service within a 10-month period for the new Sanderson Farms Poultry Processing Plant and Feed Mill, the operation of which was of high economic importance to the County.

The gas transmission pipeline extension included a 3,400 LF HDD crossing of the Neuse River and five NCDOT permitted HDD crossings. We provided engineering and design services in support of each crossing including the collection of geotechnical soil borings, HDD calculations in support of designed drill path and securing the necessary permits from USACE and NCDOT.

We were also responsible for analyzing alternate routes for proposed pipeline extension to confirm that final route selected was the most cost effective choice and the best use of economic development dollars.

Our firm created the NCDOT Encroachment Plans, Erosion and Sedimentation Control Plans, and Final Construction Plans, including bill of materials and specifications. Bid packages were assembled along with all of the required contractual documents and sent to prospective bidders. Weston & Sampson assisted in the review and selection of the pipeline contractor hired to construct the pipeline.

All aspects of the design, permitting, procurement of materials and contractors and construction administration were closely coordinated with the County’s Economic Development Director and the CDBG Project Administrator.

At the completion of the project field survey personnel located and marked the location of the installed pipeline using geophysical locating equipment. These marks were surveyed using GPS equipment to create a pipeline alignment in CADD that was provided to the County and Piedmont Natural Gas as an as-built record.


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