General Engineering Services

General Wastewater Engineering Services on an As-Needed Basis

Weston & Sampson has been assisting the Town of Rutland with various engineering tasks on an as-needed basis as a General Engineering Services Project. Tasks have included:

  • Developing a water, sewer and stormwater GIS
  • Reviewing proposed subdivision plans for compliance with town Standard Technical Specifications for water, wastewater and stormwater
  • Small sewer and pump station design
  • Development of Fat, Oil and Grease Program
  • System-wide hydraulic capacity evaluation
  • Sewer Department staffing evaluation
  • Private inflow removal program development
  • Update of Sewer and Water Use Regulations and Bylaws
  • Development of I/I Mitigation and Capacity Fee structure

Another major task that has been performed under this project has been to evaluate the status of wastewater flows with respect to new development in town. Our evaluation showed that while development has occurred in town, wastewater flows have not increased significantly due to I/I removal. The town has a wastewater flow allotment that must not be exceeded.


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