Wastewater Study

Evaluation of Need and Feasibility of Providing Wastewater Treatment and Disposal

By petition of the Diamond Lake Association (DLA) to the Water Pollution Control Authority (WPCA), the Town of Glastonbury selected Weston & Sampson to perform engineering services related to the evaluation of the need and feasibility of providing wastewater treatment and disposal to the area surrounding Diamond Lake.

The study was divided into three phases:

  • Gathered information on the project site and developed initial wastewater loads and wastewater characteristics
  • Evaluated wastewater treatment and disposal away from the project site
  • Evaluated on-site wastewater treatment and disposal and determined the extent of the problem

Weston & Sampson estimated the wastewater flows for the project area to be approximately 29,000 gallons per day (gpd). Based on these projected flows, we completed an evaluation of several nearby parcels to evaluate which parcels would provide the highest probability of supporting a disposal site. Weston & Sampson recommended that further hydraulic analyses and soil testing, including permeability and travel time calculations, be conducted to evaluate the required system size and the site’s ability to dispose of wastewater.

Weston & Sampson completed conceptual designs for various wastewater collection, treatment, and disposal systems. The conceptual designs provided the basis for completing planning-level cost estimates for collection, treatment and disposal options.  Based on the analysis and the planning-level cost estimates, the construction and utilization of either conventional or alternative wastewater treatment could be utilized for servicing the project area. The choice of treatment would depend on the future use of the disposal and treatment site.

Weston & Sampson recommended placing a pump station in the Diamond Lake area, which would then convey the wastewater to the treatment site. For collection of the wastewater, we recommended utilizing a combination of gravity and low-pressure sewers.


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