Brewery Wastewater Services for Great Marsh Brewing

Brewery Wastewater Management Evaluation and Design Services

Great Marsh Brewing Co. retained Weston & Sampson to provide wastewater management evaluation and design services to support the development of a brewery and restaurant project on the causeway that crosses a portion of Great Marsh in Essex, Massachusetts. The project includes a 15,000-square-foot building with a 25-barrel (bbl) brewing system, taproom, pilot lab, beer garden, and upstairs restaurant overlooking the brewhouse.

As a result of our evaluation for pre-treatment, Weston & Sampson recommended a phased approach: proceeding with a “tight tank,” sized to not only hold a week’s worth of brewing wastewater, but also extra volume to contain any accidental release of raw beer from the brewery. With a baffle in the center, the tank currently acts as a wastewater storage tank; it is also sized to function as the first two steps in a future on-site pre-treatment process (Phase II) as the brewery grows. This tank will provide primary settling and equalization upstream of a biological treatment process to reduce BOD.

Construction of this tank was challenging due to high groundwater and buoyancy issues, as well as limited space for parking at the new facility. The tank was installed, attached to piles, beneath an outside walkway. Weston & Sampson worked with the tank vendor and the contractor to design an installation configuration that would meet buoyancy challenges as well as backfill requirements needed to maintain the structural integrity of the tank under all groundwater conditions.


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