Hi-Rise Pool Construction

Brickell CityCentre Pools and Spas

Brickell CityCenter is a $1.05 billion mixed use project in downtown Miami scheduled for completion in 2016. Developed by Swire Properties and designed by Arquitectonica Architects, the project consists of three towers covering 9 acres.

Each tower contains a mid-level amenities deck with extensive hardscape, landscape, and fully tiled stainless steel swimming pools and spas. The pools on each deck vary in size, shape, and gutter configuration to give each tower a unique appeal. The East Block Tower has two pools, one heated spa, and one cold plunge spa with chilled water for a complete therapy treatment. The design incorporates recessed gutters to give the deck a modern appearance, and one pool has therapy jets and European-style deck-mounted therapeutic back jets for a unique bathing experience. The West Block Tower has a 1,775-sf pool and a 157-sf spa, each with an infinity edge. The North Block Tower has two pools at 949 sf and 1350 sf, and two heated spas at 225 sf. These are all 360-degree infinity-edge features.

Structural and waterproofing considerations were a great concern as the pools are elevated over space that will be occupied. Weston & Sampson's aquatics group convinced the developer to invest in fully tiled stainless steel pool shells to alleviate those concerns. The stainless shells are lighter than concrete and help to reduce the size of supporting structure. The pools will be delivered to the site in large sections and welded together for a seamless watertight installation guaranteed to give many years of service without concern for surface maintenance.   

In addition to aesthetics, a great deal of thought went into the design of the filtration systems. Each pool uses state-of-the art fully automated regenerative filters that provide the best water quality available for swimming pools while being very energy efficient, consuming little water for filter cleaning cycles. LED in-pool lighting and high-efficiency pool heaters complete the package.


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