Historic Waterfront Redevelopment

Comprehensive Redevelopment Services on Vacant, PAH-Impacted Historic Waterfront

When Mayor Thomas M. Menino visited Spaulding Hospital’s brand-new state-of-the-art rehabilitation facility at Charlestown Navy Yard, he saw potential in the vacant waterfront land (Parcel 5) that lay next door. He envisioned a fully accessible playground and park and to meet the challenge of designing and constructing a park within just three short months, the Boston Redevelopment Authority enlisted the support of Weston & Sampson.

The BRA contracted Weston & Sampson to perform environmental assessment, remediation, and park design services.  Historically, Parcel 5 was a portion of the historic Charlestown Navy Yard. Previous environmental assessment had identified historic petroleum releases and fill material impacted with PAHs, lead and arsenic.

When the decision to turn the site into a waterfront park was made, Weston & Sampson was engaged to complete more detailed testing of the site soils and urban fill. The soil and groundwater were assessed using a square-based grid sampling method through the whole parcel. Test results were analyzed to identify soil concentrations in excess of regulatory limits. Those soils were treated to remove the toxic components. Soils were then removed and disposed offsite. Weston & Sampson also completed all regulatory reporting.

This new Mayor Thomas M. Menino Park is a dramatic open space resource designed as a place of recovery from health challenges and respite from the daily rigor of urban life. The park is to be enjoyed by all for both physically active and passive recreational uses. The finished park represents a restoration, which is intended to honor those focused on perseverance, renewal, recovery, awakening and revival.


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