Planning, Design, and Construction Administration – Hopkinton, MA

Weston & Sampson was selected to provide comprehensive planning, design, and construction administration services for a new Department of Public Works Facility. The planning stage Feasibility Study included conducting a site selection analysis for five potential sites. The site selection analysis included conducting field visits to each of the sites, assembling all existing available reports and figures for each site, and reviewing environmental resource mapping to assess potential regulatory restrictions. Upon completing the data gathering phase, each site was evaluated using a 12-point evaluation matrix to identify the most cost-effective and efficient location for a new Public Works Facility.

Following the site selection analysis, Weston & Sampson updated the space needs assessment, prepared building and site concepts for the preferred site, and prepared cost estimates. Work also included preparing a PowerPoint presentations, preparing 3-D computer generated building models, and presenting the project to the Board of Selectmen to assist in gaining the support of the governing body. Additional work included the preparation of project marketing material and assisting the DPW with selling the project to the community to secure the design and construction funds for the new facility.

Weston & Sampson prepared a set of plans and details for constructing the new Facility, complete with ground improvements, salt shed, fuel island, and materials storage area. Project design challenges included a small site surrounded by wetlands. The site was previously filled wetlands, consisting of undocumented fill and large boulders. Ground improvements were necessary to obtain suitable foundation subgrade. Weston & Sampson assisted the town during the bid phase and provided full inspection and construction administration services through project closeout.


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