Improvements to Knight Parking Area

Weston & Sampson was selected by Babson College to develop plans for the improvement of its signature visitor parking facility and surrounding landscape areas adjacent to the Knight Auditorium.

This section of the campus had been plagued by chronic drainage problems involving poor soils, undersized and failing infrastructure, and low capacity within the town stormwater system located immediately adjacent to the project limits.

Our landscape architects collaborated with our in-house engineering and stormwater management staff members to establish innovative designs that achieved dramatic improvements while delivering lower volumes of stormwater to the overburdened town system. Designs included the use of large underground storage facilities, stone intercept channels between parking bays, and heavily vegetated swales, as well as recharging within areas containing suitable subsurface soils.

To achieve highly sustainable landscape conditions, a variety of native grasses were employed to stabilize steep slopes and drainage swales throughout the parking area and adjacent landscape. Selected grasses have the unique ability to tolerate periods of heavy rain and immersion in water as well as extended periods of drought.


LOCATION: Babson College, Wellesley, MA


  • stormwater management to address chronic drainage problems

  • use of native grasses to create sustainable landscape conditions

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