To address the unique challenges facing the federal government, Weston & Sampson provides engineering and operations support from project development and planning through design, construction, and long-term operation and maintenance. We are a trusted and valuable supplier of thorough investigation, engineering, design, and construction services to the US Department of Defense, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, US Department of Transportation, and others.

Our multi-disciplinary teams of architects, engineers, scientists, planners, and other professionals have the expertise and experience to resolve many of the biggest challenges faced by our federal clients, including those related to:

  • Base utilities, including medium and high voltage power
  • Architecture and building design
  • Structural and geotechnical
  • Anti-terrorism/force protection
  • Water and wastewater treatment
  • Energy usage and sustainability
  • PFAS
  • Landscape architecture
  • Climate resilience
  • Shoreline protection and flood risk
  • Transportation
  • Environmental remediation
  • Planning and permitting
  • Water supply and irrigation systems

Whether as a prime or subcontractor, you can trust Weston & Sampson to help your team work through myriad project issues and develop cost-effective and constructable solutions.

Portsmouth Naval Shipyard Kittery Maine


The Weston & Sampson team designed the renovation of a pump test facility in B300, replacement of condensate pumps at the power plant, and replacement of a medium voltage transformer at Franklin Substation.  The team is in the process of designing the replacement of fire protection, electrical and HVAC systems as well as the replacement of the roof of the 164,000 sf B300 as well as designing a server room in a historic building on-base. Currently designing the P-1080 project, a $550M project to bring additional water and power to PNS, while also including water conservation measures to reduce Shipyard demand on the local water supply. As part of power plant improvements, Weston & Sampson is designing a desalination plant for PNS to minimize reliance on locally supplied potable water by the base. Weston & Sampson also conducted a hydrogeological study to evaluate tidal influence on groundwater conditions at a key facility on base and is also is preparing a basewide stormwater management plan for PNS.


The Weston & Sampson team conducted flood risk modeling to evaluate potential for flooding at NS Norfolk and to prioritize areas needing near-term improvements.


Design and permitting of the Takedown and Big “Y” culverts and conducted an evaluation of erosion on Reddington Valley Road.


Conducted structural analyses on the North and South Helix ice shields to prioritize weld inspections and repairs. Conducting design and permitting of perimeter security road improvements.


Designed a backup generator for B564.

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