Weston & Sampson has provided hydrogeologic/engineering services to more than 30 golf courses located along the eastern seaboard.

Irrigation-Water Supply: 

  • Source-water feasibility assessment
  • New source development / groundwater / surface-water
  • Water withdrawal testing and permitting
  • Operational-performance testing and optimization
  • Well drilling, development, pump selection and service

Ponds and Watercourses: 

  • Pond bathymetry and sedimentation surveys
  • Operational storage and safe-yield analysis
  • Pond/watercourse hydrology, drainage, and stormwater management
  • New pond design and permitting
  • Dredge assessment, design and permitting
  • Dam inspection, hydraulic analysis, design and permitting


  • Civil, environmental, water and wastewater engineering
  • Landscape architecture
  • Aquatics and sport court/field designs
  • Renewable energy / solar / geothermal
  • Coastal inundation and saltwater encroachment
  • Environmental investigation and remediation

News & Highlights

NEIC 2024 graphic Northeast Irrigation Expo & Conference - Weston & Sampson's Mike Kapareiko, PG, LEP and Joe Orlando present "Irrigation Water-Supply Source Development and Management" at the 2024 Northeast Irrigation Expo and Conference.

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