The majority of work completed by Weston & Sampson is focused on assisting communities and state agencies with municipal projects, including development and implementation of infrastructure plans as they relate to drainage, water, sewer, and roadways; environmental assessment in support of property acquisition and redevelopment; design of parks, playgrounds, and open spaces; implementation of climate resilient and renewable energy solutions; and more.

All of our municipal/state projects involve close interaction with our clients and the public and are not completed without community and stakeholder input and presentations. As a matter of routine, our projects adhere to local, state, and federal regulatory requirements, and we successfully obtain permits from local, state, and federal boards and commissions for proposed work on our applicable projects. Our approach to municipal consulting is always to place the interest of the community/state first. We work with municipalities and state agencies to help them protect natural resources and ensure that development efforts are reflective of their values.

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