Multi-use Trail Design

Design for Construction of a 1.25-mile Multi-use Trail Along Abandoned MBTA Rail Bed

Weston & Sampson completed the design for the construction of a 1.25-mile multi-use trail along an abandoned former Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) rail bed, which was purchased by the Town of Framingham.

The Cochituate Rail Trail (CRT) begins at Route 30 (adjacent to the future Natick RT) and travels northerly, crossing the TJX driveway (at-grade with HAWK signals), the Luchetti driveway (at-grade), Old Connecticut Path (at-grade with HAWK signals), and two new bridges over the Cochituate Brook before connecting to School Street.

The inclusion of HAWK pedestrian crossing signals in two locations enables the safe crossing of pedestrians and cyclists along the CRT route. The crossing at Old Connecticut Path (OCP) with its HAWK signal is consistent with a Complete Streets Design, allowing for the safe coexistence of vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists within the OCP row.

The project required coordination with several town departments, including the Department of Public Works, the Department of Community and Economic Development, the Planning Board, the Board of Selectmen, the Cochituate Rail Trail Committee, the Conservation Commission, and the Traffic Safety Advisory Committee, as well as the general public, through a series of public workshops and meetings to obtain the necessary permits and approvals.

The project also required coordination with the design of a new sewer interceptor project utilizing the same corridor. In dovetailing the CRT project with the sewer project, we were able to keep the overall construction cost of the project below what was originally anticipated. Rough grading of the final sewer interceptor access road became the existing conditions for the proposed trail within the same relative footprint.


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