Infrastructure and Streetscape Improvements

Multi-phase Infrastructure and Transportation Improvements

The City of Rochester selected Weston & Sampson to assist with a multi-phase Infiltration and Inflow (I/I) Identification and Removal Program.  This program consists of field investigation services to identify sources of I/I, followed by design and construction of sewer separation and I/I rehabilitation.  Weston & Sampson prepared a Preliminary Engineering Report (PER) to summarize the results of the I/I identification and provide recommendations and estimated costs for sewer separation and I/I rehabilitation in the project areas.  Design and construction for the project is partially funded through the New Hampshire State Revolving Fund (SRF) program.  As an integral component of the design, Weston & Sampson developed transportation and streetscape improvements to the project areas.

Phase I - Gonic Area I/I Rehabilitation Project

The Gonic Area Phase I of the city-wide included approximately 15,600 linear feet of infrastructure improvements.  Transportation improvements consisted of the analysis and implementation of sidewalks, granite curbing, delineated parking areas, and working closely with New Hampshire Department of Transportation (NHDOT) on the reconfiguration of the Route 125/Church Street Intersection.

Phase II – East Rochester I/I Rehabilitation and Transportation Improvements

The East Rochester Area Phase II of Rochester’s ongoing I/I Program has reached substantial completion.  This $8 million project includes design and construction of approximately 12,000 linear feet of new sewer, 13,500 feet of water main, 7,500 linear feet of sewer rehabilitation and the rehabilitation of 1- 550 gallons per minute (gpm) pump station and the installation of a new 1- 125 gpm pump station.  The project included transportation improvements including five miles of roadway reconstruction, sidewalk and granite curb installation, traffic flow management, signage, and school parking and crosswalk construction.  Also included is the development of additional off-street parking with an integral neighborhood playground/park.  The streetscape improvement will significantly improve the neighborhood and provide for a scenic overlook of the Salmon Falls River.


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