Landfill Closure and Redevelopment

Engineering Consultation Services for the Reading Landfill Closure and Redevelopment

A major New England retail company hired Weston & Sampson to provide engineering consultation services for the Reading landfill closure and redevelopment. The 35-acre landfill was previously used to dispose of ash, construction and demolition debris, and municipal solid waste. The landfill was closed in the early 1980s and was later used to dispose of street sweepings. The site had become an eyesore for neighbors, including residents, businesses, and a major road into Reading center. The development plans for the landfill included two retail stores, a restaurant, and office space.

One of the future tenants hired Weston & Sampson to evaluate potential environmental and construction issues that could impact their long-term operations and maintenance commitments. Specifically, we evaluated environmental data to identify potential environmental liabilities associated with the project. We also were extensively consulted during the site design process to recommend changes to the design that would minimize risks to the future owners.

The design included many standard landfill cap construction methods that were interfaced with many non-standard design features to accommodate the future retail post-closure use of the landfill, including utilities, truck traffic, subsurface stormwater disposal, mechanically stabilized fill walls, the pile-supported slab and foundation, differential settlement of parking lots, light pole anchoring, and gas migration and control issues. Our input improved the design and gave our client a comfort level regarding the design and future operation and maintenance of the site.

Following the design process, Weston & Sampson was hired by both of the retailers to provide construction-monitoring services. Our staff was on-site full-time during the landfill closure construction to monitor the activities and ensure that the design was followed and construction methods were in the best interest of the owners.


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