LID Stormwater Design for Beach Improvements

LID Stormwater Design for Improvements to Horseneck State Beach

Weston & Sampson has completed several civil and environmental engineering projects at Horseneck State Beach Reservation as part of a park upgrade program under the direction of the Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR). Recently, the DCR requested that Weston & Sampson implement a parking lot improvement project and include a LID stormwater design. Due to the beach’s location on a barrier spit situated between the Atlantic Ocean and an estuary, DCR‘s goal was to significantly reduce nitrogen and other pollutants entering the estuary through nonpoint source pollution.

As part of the overall parking and pedestrian access plan, Weston & Sampson designed a system of bioretention basins located as medians in the parking areas, with the purpose of separating and routing traffic and providing stormwater treatment and infiltration. In addition, our landscape architects placed additional bioretention facilities around the perimeter of the parking lot. These perimeter basins not only collected, treated and infiltrated stormwater, but they were also strategically placed to separate users from the fragile dunes located at the site.


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