LNG Plant Metering and Regulating Station Replacement

Liquefied (LNG) Gas Station Replacement

Our firm was selected for an existing Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) plant metering and regulating station replacement project in Huntersville, North Carolina. This station metered both gas pulled into the plant during liquefaction, as well as gas sent out of the plant during vaporization operations. It was served by a 12-inch pipeline on the inlet side of the plant and discharged gas into a 16-inch pipeline downstream of the plant, within the limits of the plant security fence.

A new metering and regulating station was needed at a location outside of the existing LNG plant security fence to ensure the DOT CFR Part 192 jurisdictional pipelines and facilities were completely separated from the DOT CFR Part 193 jurisdictional facilities.

The following items were also part of the project:

  • Replace the 12-inch inlet header with a 20-inch inlet header to the new station. At that point, reduce the size to 8-inch where the line connected back to the plant piping at the existing station site
  • Replace the 16-inch outlet header with a 20-inch header from the connection at the existing station to new station, then on to the connection point with the downstream transmission pipelines
  • Replace the existing odorant tank with a larger 250 gallon odorant storage tank


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