Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness (MVP) Assessment

LID Presentation and Improvements to Local Bylaws, Plans, and Planning Tools for Climate Resilience

Weston & Sampson conducted a Low Impact Development (LID) training presentation for the Town of Littleton MVP Committee. The presentation reviewed the concepts of sustainable development, LID stormwater controls, and green infrastructure to improve the community’s resilience to climate change. Our team presented and discussed examples of LID features from around the US and within the Town of Littleton.

Following the LID presentation, the MVP Committee asked Weston & Sampson to conduct a review of the town’s zoning bylaws and regulations to identify opportunities for encouraging higher standards of climate resiliency and to incorporate LID approaches in new development. Our approach is centered around the promotion of nature-based solutions and strategies such as green infrastructure, LID, open space protection, and floodplain protection. The project is funded by a Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness (MVP) Assessment Grant from the Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy & Environmental Affairs.

Weston & Sampson conducted a BIG (Barriers, Incentives, Gaps) analysis of existing policies and regulatory requirements and processes in relation to LID approaches:

  • Barriers: Weston & Sampson explored each document and identified language and procedures that create barriers to LID. We documented these barriers in a matrix that presents each section of a document and regulation, identifies barrier language, and recommends language changes to eliminate barriers to implementing LID.
  • Incentives: Weston & Sampson suggested a range of incentives, such as expedited permit reviews, to promote the creation of LID and other resiliency approaches.
  • Gaps: Weston & Sampson reviewed current guidance document regulations to identify gaps in regulatory language that will need to be addressed to promote LID stormwater and sustainable development approaches.


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