Maskwonicut Street Bridge – Single-Span Bridge Design and Engineering

MassDOT selected Weston & Sampson under our Master Services Agreement to prepare the 25% design for the replacement of the single-span bridge, currently out of service, which carries Maskwonicut Street over the MBTA/Amtrak Northeast Corridor railroad tracks in the Town of Sharon.

The project involves:

  • Raising the roadway profile to accommodate the proposed superstructure depth and provide an increase in the vertical clearance to the tracks below
  • Removing the existing abutments and installing new abutments behind the existing ones to increase the substandard horizontal clearance to the railroad tracks
  • Updating utilities (including water, drainage, electrical, and telecommunications) to support the new bridge structure
  • Designing a new 54.5-foot single-span steel bridge with concrete deck superstructure with concrete barriers and electrification barrier
  • Analyzing the use of accelerated bridge construction techniques such as Prefabricated Bridge Units (PBUs)
  • Coordinating with Amtrak including modifications to the overhead catenary system

Major project challenges include:

  • Construction of a new replacement bridge over the Amtrak rail lines that are part of the high-speed northeast corridor; construction to take place in limited window of time
  • Existing stone masonry abutment and stone arch culvert are eligible for the National Register of Historic Places; close coordination for the preservation of the existing stone masonry arch culvert and wingwalls to remain
  • Residential road with houses adjacent to existing bridge structure on either side

Weston & Sampson is currently preparing the 25% Design Submission, Bridge Sketch Plans, Geotechnical Report, and Preliminary Right-of-Way plans for the project. Work previously completed includes the Alternatives Analysis Report, Preliminary Structure Report, Bridge Type Study, and the Early Environmental Coordination.

The project is going out to bid at the end of June 2021, with construction scheduled to begin in the Spring of 2022. The construction duration is estimated at three years, with a construction cost estimate of $6.8 million.


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