Massachusetts Contingency Plan (MCP) Response Action Management

Comprehensive Management of MCP Response Actions at Former Medfield State Hospital

Weston & Sampson was selected by the Massachusetts Department of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance (DCAMM) to comprehensively manage Massachusetts Contingency Plan (MCP) response actions for eight open Release Tracking Numbers (RTN) at the former Medfield State Hospital. Prior to Weston & Sampson’s selection as sole environmental consultant for the property, DCAMM was managing up to six different consultants working in three separate areas of the site. DCAMM selected Weston & Sampson to manage the MCP activities, consolidate three separate Public Involvement Plan (PIP) groups, and investigate other areas of the property that may have environmental conditions.

Following project transition and a review of project data, Weston & Sampson recommended that all RTNs be consolidated and managed under Special Project Designation (SPD) status per the MCP to consolidate all response actions under one RTN and streamline the reporting to the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP).

DEP approved the SPD application for the property, and Weston & Sampson conducted environmental consulting services and MCP response actions including:

  • Property survey and review of prior MCP and other environmental reports
  • Evaluation of aerial photos, Sanborn fire insurance maps, and USGS maps
  • Evaluation of existing utilities and potential fate and transport/contaminant migration pathways
  • Preparation of Numerical Ranking Scoresheets and Tier Classification forms
  • Phase II Comprehensive Site Assessment (CSA) activities
  • Phase III evaluation of remedial alternatives
  • Ecological and human health risk assessments
  • Preparation of Release Abatement Measure (RAM) plans, reports, and design documents
  • Preparation of design plans and specifications for public bidding of several remediation projects
  • PIP and community outreach
  • Property redevelopment planning services including the preparation of MEPA permits, as well as an expanded Environmental Notification Form (EENF)

DCAMM’s goal is to transition the property to a private developer for redevelopment as single-family residential area and donate portions of undeveloped land to the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation and the Town of Medfield.

The town has established the State Hospital Environmental Review Council (SHERC) to review and comment on the environmental activities at the property along with the over 100 residents in the property’s PIP group. Weston & Sampson presented the findings of the environmental activities to town officials, the SHERC, and the public on a quarterly basis and as needed for any other project-specific activities of public interest. Our team prepared public outreach materials, including handouts, comment/response packages, and presentations to inform the public of any planned or completed environmental activities.


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