Historic Common Restoration

Historic Worcester Common

Weston & Sampson was retained by the City of Worcester to complete an initial master plan and subsequent final design documents for the restoration of historic Worcester Common. Our staff’s planning, design, and engineering efforts established the required scope and methodology for the implementation of thoughtful, widely supported enhancements totaling more than $6 million.

Worcester Common was set aside for pub­lic use and enjoyment in 1669 and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The property has been home to a variety of historically significant structures, memori­als, monuments, and burial grounds and the scene of important historical events. As both the foreground and backdrop to the architecturally significant City Hall, Worcester Common has been at the center of institutional, cultural, civic, and com­mercial life for nearly 3 ½ centuries.

The Master Plan calls for the restoration of a greener, more traditional and “Common-like” setting that was largely lost through renovations begun in the late 1960s. Re­cently completed improvements added more than an acre of green space within areas previously dedi­cated to the concrete plaza. Future phases will continue to establish and restore historical elements and features while creating new facilities and new relevance for public use and enjoyment in the 21st century.


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