Mill Street Master Plan

The City of Worcester retained Weston & Sampson to develop a Master Plan for improvements to the Mill Street corridor.

Mill Street is an important north-south connector that passes by significant city assets, including Coes Reservoir Beach and Logan Field. Important cross streets within the area include Airport Drive and Park, June, Chandler, and Pleasant Streets.

Goals of this project included exploring opportunities to improve pedestrian accommodations, ADA compliance, bicycle accommodations, safety, aesthetics, stormwater management systems and new green infrastructure, and providing utility upgrades and structural improvements to the roadway cross-section. Our team of transportation engineers and landscape architects completed an inventory of the existing conditions and observed current traffic movements (vehicles, bicycles, pedestrians).

Utilizing available GIS mapping and other resources, we reviewed existing data such as plans, traffic reports, and studies, etc. We prepared conceptual design drawings to illustrate the implications of reducing excessive pavement width and developing complete street improvements, which include accommodations for all users and enhanced access to the recreation resources and other corridor land uses.



LOCATION: Worcester, MA


  •  complete streets
  • ADA compliance
  • bicycle accommodations
  • green infrastructure
  • stormwater management
  • street lighting
  • utility upgrades

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