Multi-Modal Transportation Improvements

Multi-Modal Transportation Improvements to Broadway

Weston & Sampson was retained by the City of Cambridge to imple­ment multi-modal transportation improvements to Broadway between First and Ames streets.

Based on in-depth study of the traffic counts along that block, it was determined that a reduction in travel lanes would not negatively impact the flow of traffic in or out of the Kendall Square area. This design strategy allowed for the inclusion of 5-foot wide bicycle travel lanes, turning lanes, and an expanded lane for taxi queuing, and a bus pull-in in front of the Marriott Hotel.

Changes implemented also include priori­tizing the pedestrian circulation through grading level crossings at driveways and aligning the mid-block crosswalk to be perpendicular to the flow of vehicular travel. The reduction of lanes from two to one in each direction removes the “double-jeopardy” conditions pedestrians are subjected to currently, and allows for expanded pedestrian domain.

The entire streetscape within the project area has been upgraded. The concrete sidewalks that formerly lined the corridor have given way to grassed lawn areas with brick pads for bench seating areas adjacent to brick accent strip lined curb lines. All sidewalk and pedestrian areas were designed and constructed based on stringent Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards for accessibility. Low maintenance ground cover beds and tree plantings to supplement the existing trees have been installed to soften the otherwise hard environment. With the installation of new hybrid pedestrian signalization and the alterations described above, this is a corridor where pedestrian circulation is of major importance.


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