Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness

Weston & Sampson is a Certified Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness (MVP) Provider

climate resiliency servicesThe MVP grant program provides support for cities and towns in Massachusetts to plan for resiliency and implement key climate change adaptation actions. Through the program, MVP certified providers are trained to provide technical assistance to communities in completing the assessment and resiliency plan using the Community Resilience Building Framework. Towns and cities are able to choose the provider of their choice from a list of certified providers.

Weston & Sampson is a certified EEA MVP Provider.

Climate impacts present a risk to both the physical and operational aspects of a municipality, as well as the larger economic and social prosperity of the region. We have carefully assembled a team with the required technical knowledge of climate/infrastructure resilience and in-depth knowledge of the MVP program to deliver targeted vulnerability assessment, preparedness, and planning assistance to your city or town. The qualifications and capabilities that distinguish us include:

  • 7 Certified MVP providers. Weston & Sampson’s highly competent staff includes the even professionals who are certified by the Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs as MVP Providers.
  • Over a century of experience serving Massachusetts municipalities.
  • Successful experience working with local governments on climate change, hazard mitigation, and long-range planning.
  • Public engagement and community planning experience.
  • GIS analyses to synthesize and convey complex information.

Climate risk is fundamentally changing the risk profile for municipalities with both short-term and long-term implications. Apply our expertise to develop a “road map” for climate change resiliency for your city or town’s natural, built, and social environments. Weston & Sampson will:

  • Present climate projections to the stakeholders in a way that is accessible and understandable to all.
  • Understand connections between ongoing community issues, hazards, and local planning and actions.
  • Identify/map vulnerabilities and strengths to develop infrastructure, societal, and natural resource risk profiles.
  • Develop and prioritize actions and clearly delineated next steps for the town, local organizations, businesses, private citizens, neighborhoods, and community groups.
  • Identify opportunities to advance actions that further reduce the impact of hazards and increase resilience across and within the town, and how these actions dovetail with existing municipal plans and studies.

To learn how Weston & Sampson can provide you with MVP services, contact your Project Manager or Jeanne Lukenda, at 1-800-SAMPSON /

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