Vehicle Maintenance Facility Consolidation – Malden, MA

Industrial Engineering Services to Relocate and Consolidate Fleet Maintenance Facilities

Weston & Sampson was selected by National Grid and Spagnolo Gisness & Associates, Inc. Architects to provide industrial engineering services for the National Grid Malden Operations Consolidation Project. The project includes the relocation and consolidation of the Fleet Maintenance, Welding Shop and Tool Workshop areas from the Gas Department located at the Commercial Street Facility to the Electrical Department located at the Medford Street Facility.

Weston & Sampson conducted interviews with the Fleet Maintenance, Welding and Tool Room/Repair Departments to gain a thorough understanding of their operations, and then prepared Design Development, Schematic Design, and Final Construction Documents for the new facilities to be located at Medford Street.

Work involved the relocation and re-use of the lubrication distribution systems, waste oil handling systems, vehicle lifts, tire maintenance equipment, overhead lifting cranes (2-ton monorails), welding and tool repair equipment, along with new vehicle exhaust and vehicle wash facilities. Work also included making recommendations on improving efficiency, adjusting operations to help minimize the potential for accidents and spills, and coordinating the work with the local building and fire departments to help make sure that work is performed in accordance with current local and state building codes.

In order to help minimize construction costs, Weston & Sampson assessed and re-used as much existing equipment as possible and designed upgrades where necessary to meet current building code requirements.


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