Natural Gas Intake Station Operations & Maintenance and Commissioning

Hanscom Air Force Base, Massachusetts

Hansom Air Force Base (AFB) in Massachusetts contracted with Kinder Morgan to install a new meter station directly off of the Tennessee Gas Pipeline system to provide natural gas supply to their existing gas distribution system and boiler plant. Downstream of the new meter station, two new regulator stations were installed in order to meet the operating pressures of the gas distribution system and boiler plant as well as to provide for overpressure protection.  With the installation of these new regulator stations, Hanscom AFB became responsible for the operations and maintenance of these facilities.

Weston & Sampson was selected by SMMA to prepare operations & maintenance (O&M) and commissioning plans for each regulator station, and develop a service contract request for proposal (RFP). The plans were developed in accordance with the applicable federal (49 CFR Part 192) and state (220 CMR 101.00) codes and standards along with industry best practices. The proposed design of each regulator station was reviewed, and site visits were conducted in order to prepare the plans. Weston & Sampson also proposed design improvements to the regulator stations based on our evaluation to improve commissioning and O&M activities. A RFP was prepared that was used by Hanscom AFB to solicit bids from contractors to perform the O&M of the regulator stations.


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