January 21-24, 2018: NEWEA 2018 Annual Conference

Representatives of Weston & Sampson will present and moderate during the course of this year's NEWEA 2018 Annual Conference taking place January 21-24 at the Boston Marriott Copley Place.

Tuesday, January 23 — DAVID WRIGHT, Safety Manager, Weston & Sampson, presents — "The Top Ten" and "Can You Handle the Pressure?"

Tuesday, January 23 — PATRICIA CHESEBROUGH, Operations & Maintenance Manager, Weston & Sampson, moderates Session 20, with David Aucoin from Narragansett Bay Commission — "Safety: Safety is Only as Strong as the Weakest Link"

Wednesday, January 24 — FRANK OCCHIPINTI, PE, Team Leader, moderates Session 23, with William Paulitz from the City of Peabody — "Navigating Private Inflow in Public Communities"

Wednesday, January 24 — DAVID ELMER, PE, Discipline Leader, and COREY REPUCCI, PE, Senior Project Manager, Weston & Sampson, present "Effects of a Novel Degreaser on FOG Accumulation, Membrane Performance, and Effluent Compliance" along with Patrick Antle from Protein Matrix

In addition, on Monday, January 22, NATHAN MICHAEL, PE, Team Leader, Weston & Sampson, presents his poster board "Simple Equation for Complex Math: I + I = MS4"

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