A chemical feed system.

Performance of DAF Thickening for FOG Removal in Liquid Soap Manufacturing

Michael Smith, PE co-authored an article in Journal of the New England Water Environment Association entitled “Performance of DAF Thickening for FOG Removal in Liquid Soap Manufacturing." A contract manufacturer of soap and skincare products in Vermont needed to reduce its fats, oils, and grease (FOG) load to the local wastewater treatment plant in Essex. To achieve that goal, the manufacturer turned to a pretreatment process technology, dissolved air flotation (DAF), to lower the FOG prior to discharge to the town’s wastewater collection system. Continue reading

Photo of Cuttyhunk Island School

Revitalizing a 19th-Century Island Schoolhouse with Sustainable HVAC Upgrades

By Scott Henriques, PE, LEED AP, CEM and James Barron What do you do with an historic, 1800s vintage, one-room schoolhouse experiencing destructive moisture infiltration on a small, sparsely populated island with a mostly solar microgrid? Why, mitigate the moisture and provide a modern, near-net zero HVAC system, of course. Such is the case for... Continue reading