A parking garage.

Sprinkler Design Challenges for Electric Vehicles in Parking Garages

Ahmed Ibrahim authored an article in High Profile entitled “Sprinkler Design Challenges for Electric Vehicles in Parking Garages.” With the market for electric vehicles projected to grow from 2.5 million units in 2020 to 31.1 million units in 2030, concerns about public safety related to their lithium-ion batteries have also increased. The problem arises when a short circuit occurs in these batteries.

A variable refrigerant flow heat pump unit.

A Primer on Whole-Building Electrification

Johanna Hall and Sam Alpert co-authored an article in NEREJ entitled “A Primer on Whole-Building Electrification.” What is building electrification? Electrification is the process of transitioning building systems, processes, and components to be powered by electricity rather than by various fossil fuels like oil or natural gas and can be a critical component in efforts to reduce carbon emissions.

Powerlines along a rural road.

What Lies Beneath: Utility Coordination Challenges on Roadway and Bridge Construction Projects

Jim Forbes authored an article in Roads & Bridges entitled “What Lies Beneath: Utility Coordination Challenges on Roadway and Bridge Construction Projects.” Roadway and bridge construction projects can be challenging. But also having to relocate existing utilities out of the way of these projects prior to the start of construction can add a whole new dimension to the challenges.

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Weston & Sampson 2024 Promotions - Weston & Sampson would like to announce several key promotions within the company. Please join us in congratulating these individuals on their accomplishments!

Weston & Sampson is pleased to announce the addition of Brooker Engineering, PLLC - Weston & Sampson is pleased to announce the addition of Brooker Engineering, PLLC to the Weston & Sampson family of companies.

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Weston & Sampson
Weston & Sampson24 hours ago
🌈 Last night was a home run! ⚾ A fantastic group of 90 Weston & Sampson staff, friends, family, and allies came together to celebrate Pride Night at the Red Sox game. It was more than just a fun outing; it was a display of our commitment to inclusivity and diversity.

At Weston & Sampson, we're proud of our Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Awareness (IDEA) initiative. We embrace the rich perspectives and experiences that come from people of different races, ethnicities, cultures, sexual orientations, gender identities, ages, socio-economic statuses, abilities, and religions. We also value the insights from other untapped groups within our Weston & Sampson family and the communities we serve. Last night was a reflection of that!

🌟 Want to be part of a team that values diversity and inclusion? Join us! Check out our career opportunities and find your place in a company that's as diverse as the communities we serve.

#RedSoxPrideNight #IDEA #InclusionMatters #DiversityAndInclusion #JoinUs
Weston & Sampson
Weston & Sampson1 day ago
@Weston & Sampson is glad to co-present with the @Charles River Watershed Association and @CREW Communities Responding to Extreme Weather alongside the Charles River Climate Compact at the public meeting today, Wednesday June 12th at 6 PM. We will be presenting on our 4th year of working on this project to better understand flood risks across communities in the Charles River watershed, sharing lessons learned on evaluating effective flood mitigation solutions, and proposing potential projects at select sites and areas that can mitigate flooding.

#regionalresilience #floodmitigation #climatechange #naturebasedsolutions #greeninfrastructure #communityengagement

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