On-Call Resilience General Engineering Contract

Weston & Sampson was deployed during the March 2018 Nor’Easter, Winter Storm Riley, to evaluate high tide flooding at Aquarium Station under our existing Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) Task Order Contract for Climate Resilience Consulting Services. Weston & Sampson is simultaneously under contract to evaluate Flood Vulnerability for the Blue Line Rapid Transit Line between Aquarium Station and Maverick Portal.

Aquarium Station flooded at high tide during the day on March 2, 2018, and the MBTA requested that Weston & Sampson staff the MBTA station overnight for the next high tide to observe where flooding was coming from and assist with emergency services. Our crew inspected Aquarium Station and documented observations through the night. We plan to use these observations to assist in our flood vulnerability assessment and help our team identify resilience recommendations to mitigate future flood risk.


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Posted in Climate Resilience, Emergency Services.