Open Space Master Plan

Cushing Park Master Plan

Weston & Sampson was retained to develop an Open Space Master Plan for the 65-acre former Cush­ing State Hospital property near Farm Pond in Framingham. Nearly a dozen public forums were held to establish and prioritize the scope of planned improvements for this scenic property. The finished master planning document presented a “vision statement,” analyzed existing conditions, identified general and specific improve­ment programs, funding sources, budgets, phases, and also included an operations and maintenance narrative.

The largely passive, $2.5 million improve­ment program has been widely supported by the Framingham community with early phase improvements currently being de­signed or constructed. The full range of improvements will ultimately include land­scape restoration and enhancement of a historic chapel, installation of an elaborate walking/biking/jogging trail system, exten­sive tree, shrub, perennial and meadow plantings, site furnishings, and signage. Work also includes the establishment of access and service drives with perimeter parking amenities.

To implement the actual improvements, Weston & Sampson has assisted town representatives in securing both private and public funding through a variety of grant programs and initiatives.


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