Open Space & Recreation Plan

Worcester Open Space & Recreation Plan

Weston & Sampson completed the Open Space and Recreation Plan for the City of Worcester, which served as an update to several previous plans. During a year’s time, hundreds of residents and representatives from open space and recreation-related stakeholder and advocacy groups contributed positive ideas that are reflected throughout the document. The completion of a city-wide open space and recreation plan is a celebration of people and places, and of constructive thought about how to best preserve and enhance highly visible and critically important public park and open space assets. The action items contained in the plan are intended to help Worcester remain competitive, relevant, and attractive in the face of a changing world with changing priorities and an ever-evolving local demographic.

A park and open space system is not a stand-alone or isolated complex within a community. In fact, where parks and open space systems provide the most value to its citizenry, it is a highly integrated, highly connected, and highly accessible series of properties and programs where good health and well-being, athletic competition, informal play, culture, art, history, social interaction and just basic fun are woven together to form amazing and wonderful parts of everyday life. With more than 3,700 acres of protected open space (approximately 17% of all city land area) and a committed citizenry, the City of Worcester is well positioned to protect and enhance a truly amazing and wonderful open space system through 2020 and beyond.


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