Consolidated Department of Public Works & Natural Resources Facility – Orleans, MA

Town of Orleans, MA

Weston & Sampson was initially commissioned by the Town of Orleans to complete an existing facility evaluation, space needs assessment, and development of a facility master plan for a consolidated Department of Public Works & Natural Resources (DPW/ NR) facility. The town had previously managed its public infrastructure with eight separate operating units; however, town leaders decided to consolidate these distinct units into a singular, centrally managed and funded Department of Public Works.

Operating units within the new DPW/NR include the Highway Division, Transfer Station, Parks & Beaches Division, Tree Warden, Water Division, Recreation Division, Public Facilities, Harbor Master, and Shellfish Constable. Each of these units, in addition to the central town fueling facility, was originally located in a separate facility.

Our firm was hired to evaluate each of these existing facilities and to develop a plan for a phased program of new construction and department consolidation. The goal of the plan was a superior physical plant design that would allow the town to continue its legacy of high-quality public service, but in a far more efficient, safe, and cost-effective manner.

Weston & Sampson worked with the DPW/NR and the DPW/NR Building Committee to refine a 42,300 square foot master plan for a core facility adjacent to the town’s transfer station/capped landfill. This new facility houses all administrative, employee space, vehicle maintenance, shop, and warm storage functions. Careful site planning and analysis of slopes, soils, and drainage allowed us to accommodate most of the department’s additional activities and space needs, including bulk material storage and cold (unheated) vehicle and equipment storage, on the same parcel of town-owned property. The new facility plan was executed in two phases, beginning with the new fueling facility in 2016 and the remainder of the project in 2019.

Weston & Sampson completed the preparation of design documents, provided bidding services, and provided construction administration services while the building was constructed.

Project Features:

  • programming
  • conceptual design
  • sustainability
  • cost estimating
  • public engagement
  • facility location adjacent to transfer station/capped landfill


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