Park Landscape Improvements

Lincoln Park

Lincoln Park in Somerville is 6.6 acres located in the heart of the city. The City of Somerville selected Weston & Sampson to provide design services and landscape architecture improvements to the existing park. This estimated $8.2 million project includes significant improvements to an open space asset that will serve as the recreational heart of the city and neighborhood.

Our design includes interactive education-based elements including an outdoor classroom, rainwater harvesting, and teaching gardens in collaboration with the Dr. Albert F. Argenziano Middle School, which is located adjacent to the park. We have also incorporated traditional park features that embody the neighborhood’s vision, including a synthetic turf field, softball field, basketball courts, traditional and exploratory playgrounds, water play, a skate course, exercise stations, and community gardens. The design also includes passive park elements such as a hammock grove, picnic patio, and open lawn areas.

Located below the synthetic turf and softball fields within the park is an underground stormwater collection system, which is capable of collecting 189,000-gallons or handling a 25-year storm event. This significant park feature will collect stormwater in conjunction with the rainwater harvesting gardens and can be used for environmental education as part of an urban watershed demonstration showing how water traverses through the city’s fabric. This exhibit offers school children and adults the opportunity for close interaction with a non-static watershed display of rain harvesting gardens and bioswales. The system is designed to direct both on-site and off-site rainwater into drains and gardens that are networked to underground cisterns and later used for irrigation.

Working in close coordination with the City of Somerville and its residents, our collaborative goal for this project was to develop a park that will not only enrich the community at large, but provide much-needed athletic fields and play spaces and enhance the neighborhood’s sense of place.


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