National Grid Project Expeditor Methuen

Bolduc Street Pump Station Energy Conservation Measures

Weston & Sampson recently assisted the City of Methuen to evaluate and implement energy conservation measures (ECMs) at the Bolduc Street Pumping Station. The scope of this ECM included replacing the existing two sewage pumps and controls to increase the overall efficiency of the pumping station. The scope included replacing the two sewage pumps, installing two variable frequency drives (VFDs), replacing the existing 7.5 kVA transformer with a more energy efficient unit, installing a new digital pump control system in place of the existing bubbler panel, installing a new submersible transducer in the wet well for level control, programing and set up of the new control strategy, and training operators on the new VFD and pump control panel operation.

These projects were eligible for incentives from National Grid under the MassSave program. As a Project Expediter, Weston & Sampson assisted the city in applying for a utility rebate. As a result, the city received a rebate from National Grid in the amount of $9,837.

  • Project Savings from utility rebate: $9,837
  • Estimated kWh annual savings: 24,300 kWh
  • Estimated project cost: $35,000


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