PFAS in Biosolids and Sludges

PFAS in Biosolids and Sludges


On March 22, 2019, Maine DEP issued a memorandum requiring all biosolids handling facilities sample for PFAS by May 7, 2019. Given the aggressive schedule, you may have questions. We can assist you with:

  • Development/amendment of sampling plans,
  • Laboratory and analysis method selection,
  • Sample collection,
  • Understanding and planning for the implications for future sludge management, and
  • Community outreach regarding analysis results.

This is a rapidly evolving issue with many changes in state regulations, sampling requirements and analytical methods. These changes are having an impact on the management of sludge, landfills and water supplies.

Weston & Sampson has been working with New England state regulators investigating PFAS and developing sampling and testing protocol for soil, groundwater, and biosolids since 2015. We have created and conducted sampling programs for hundreds of sites and are currently designing a full-scale PFAS drinking water facility.

Our internal Emerging Contaminants Team has been working on these issues and the implications to our clients for the past 3 years. We have presented on the potential impacts of PFAS to drinking water supplies, the wastewater industry and landfills at numerous conferences throughout New England and the country, including the 2018 MWUA conference.

Our team of PFAS-experienced scientists are available to help you navigate this complex issue. We can help you collect representative samples, without inadvertently causing false positive results. We understand the pros and cons of the different laboratory methods. We are also very adept at data presentation and risk communication to the public and have worked with many clients with outreach.

To learn how Weston & Sampson can help you meet Maine’s PFAS requirements and stay ahead of future PFAS-related issues, contact Chris Perkins / / (207) 450-2899 or Steve Broadbent / / (603) 970-1909.  Please feel free to visit our Emerging Contaminants page for more info.


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