Portsmouth, NH Downtown Visioning – Vaughan Mall

Weston & Sampson assisted the City of Portsmouth in developing a Visioning and Connectivity Action Plan for the important commercial, retail, cultural, and historical corridor surrounding the Vaughan Mall in downtown Portsmouth.

The goal of the project was to promote urban vitality and economic development by creating a more pedestrian friendly environment to increase foot traffic and enhance the pedestrian experience.

The scope of work involved evaluating the existing conditions of the area and creating an inventory of in-process or planned development initiatives. Weston & Sampson reviewed zoning requirements and possible build out scenarios for city-owned parcels to revitalize the area and repurpose surface parking lots. Our team also identified key priorities from the city wide master plan and looked at ways to implement them in the area. The visioning plan involved illustrative graphics and diagrams to demonstrate how particular improvements or strategies would help achieve a more connected, attractive, and walkable streetscape.



LOCATION: Portsmouth, NH


  • pedestrian connectivity
  • urban design / planning
  • urban forestry
  • visioning

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