Flood Resilient Pump Station Design

The Town of Burlington hired Weston & Sampson to complete a design for upgrades to the Lucaya Circle Pump Station and replacement of the Lucaya Circle Pump Station force main.

The Lucaya Circle Pump Station is a 2.2 MGD flooded suction duplex- type below-grade pump station that was installed in 1970. Approximately 89,000 linear feet of gravity sewer is tributary to the Lucaya Circle Pump Station. The pump station pumps sewer flow to a gravity sewer via a 2,905 linear foot ductile iron force main that has experienced several corrosion related failures.

The preliminary design included: review of existing information; site visit to confirm station dimensions and equipment; review and processing of SCADA flow data; and confirming that flows are compatible with slip lining option.

Project elements included hazardous material assessment and mitigation requirements; structural evaluation of concrete pump chamber; design of pump size and configuration; design of pump station equipment replacement including electrical, HVAC, and plumbing; energy rebate evaluation; design of bypass connection; ground survey at slip lining pit locations; design of slip lining layout; creation of plan and profiles for slip lining; design of raised concrete platform for control panel; design of raised galvanized steel platform; completion of Planning Board Site Plan Waiver Approval application; wetland flagging and Conservation Commission memorandum; NOI preparation and Conservation Commission approvals; start-up and testing services; operation and maintenance manuals; record drawing preparation; bid and award services; and on-site resident representative services.


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