Pump Station Force Main Pigging

Lawson's Fork 42" Force Main Pigging

Weston & Sampson worked together with Spartanburg Sanitary Sewer District to design a 42” Force Main Pig Launch at Lawson’s Fork Pump Station & Retrieval at Fairforest Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP).

Our design included a permanent pig launching station to launch swabs and pigs into the 42” force main, and incorporated necessary fittings and valves to facilitate ease of operation. Permanent retrieval appurtenances were designed to ensure viable and safe launching and retrieval of pigging devices. The design also included a plan to divert solids prior to the Fairforest junction box to ensure solids are removed from the 42” force main and not deposited into the treatment plant process. An overall cleanup/restoration plan was developed to ensure Lawson’s Fork Pump Station and Fairforest WWTP are restored to pre-construction conditions. A proposed work plan was developed which outlined the sequence of construction and was used to pre-qualify bidders.

The design was closely coordinated with Spartanburg Water Engineering and Operations Department and qualified pigging contractors to ensure operation and maintenance aspects of the launch were incorporated into the design.


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