Pump Station Improvements

Wood Street Pump Station Upgrade

The Wood Street Pump Station handles the majority of the town’s flows and pumps to either the neighboring Town of Westborough’s sewer system or the Town of Hopkinton’s Fruit Street wastewater treatment plant (WWTP).  There is a diversion structure on the force main that uses a pinch valve to regulate flow from the main 10-inch force main to the Town of Westborough and the 6-inch spur force main to the Fruit Street WWTP.  The primary force main for the Wood Street Pump Station is approximately 21,400 feet long.  Both the long length of the force main and this pinch valve/diversion structure cause very complex pumping/hydraulic issues at the station.

The recommended upgrade and replacement upgrades included the following:

  • Remove and replace two existing wastewater pumps with new 150 HP pumps with VFDs capable of delivering a peak flow of 1,500 gpm at 228 feet of head.
  • Remove and replace pump suction and discharge piping and install surge control valving to reduce/prevent water hammer both at the station and along the force main.
  • Upgrade electrical service and motor control centers.
  • Remove and replace existing indoor emergency generator with a new outdoor 400 KW diesel powered unit capable of providing stand-by power to the station and the adjacent highway garage during power outages.  The new generator would be housed outside the pump station in a sound attenuating enclosure due to the proximity to residential parcels.
  • Remove and replace existing pump control panel with a new SCADA ready panel. Improved communication and custom programming was also provided to better regulate the split of flows at the diversion structure and to link all three sites (pump station, diversion structure, WWTP) together for improved flow control and reporting.
  • Recalibrate and re-install existing magnetic flow meter.
  • Replace and upgrade of all heating and ventilating equipment.
  • Clean and paint all interior surfaces of the pump station and vinyl siding of the building exterior.

Following approval of these recommended upgrades by the town, we performed the final design for the project, including providing contract drawings and specifications for bidding the project.


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