Railroad Infrastructure Planning Study – Future Track Locations

Weston & Sampson provided aerial LiDAR mapping, HD laser scanning, GIS and land surveying services for the railway infrastructure study and corridor mapping of the 317-mile 800-foot wide railroad corridor from Morehead City Port to Charlotte. The project tasks included performing reference photo control surveys utilizing the North Carolina Real Time GNSS/GPS Network (NCRTN), acquiring high-resolution digital aerial imagery of the corridor, producing ¼ ft orthophoto imagery, and performing photogrammetric/GIS mapping of selected segments of the railway corridor totaling 31 miles at specified 1”=30’ mapping accuracy and 1-ft contour accuracy.

In addition, planimetric and topographic features extraction was performed within a 200-ft wide corridor centered on the rail tracks in the MicroStation CAD environment based on NCDOT CAD/GIS specs. The MicroStation CAD file was then exported to an ESRI ArcGIS shape file, topologically edited and attributed.


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