Regulator Station Valve Assembly

Regulator Station Valve Assembly, Farmville, NC

Our firm was selected to design a 6-inch mainline block regulator station valve assembly that replaced the existing, below-grade block valve configuration. The regulator station valve assembly was located at the Line 23 tap of Line 14 near Burnette Road. in Greene County, North Carolina. The design work consisted of the following:

  • Development of a full set of valve drawings in AutoCAD; design of the block valve was based upon the current above-grade valve settings shown below:
    • 6-inch mainline ball valve with weld end connections on both sides
    • 2-inch plug valves on either side of mainline valve which serve as the bypass and blow down valves
    • Two 4-inch connections with valves upstream and downstream of the 6-inch mainline valve to allow feed of the Farmville regulator station from either Junction B or the Washington Interconnect
  • Design of the tie-in of the new block valve to the existing 6-inch Line 14


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