Remediation and Demolition of Coal-Fired Power Plant

Environmental Consulting and Strategic Planning for Remediation and Demolition of Former Coal-Fired Power Plant

Weston & Sampson provided environmental consulting and strategic planning services for the remediation and demolition of a former coal-fired power plant on the University of Massachusetts Amherst (UMA) campus.

The project involved an initial feasibility study, which included:

  • Pre-demolition regulatory compliance and permitting planning
  • Development of a permitting and regulatory agency review schedule
  • Assessment of potential environmental concerns and possible solutions
  • Evaluation of scope alternatives to inform UMA decision-making
  • Construction approach and sequencing planning
  • Evaluation of recycling and cost recovery strategies for equipment and demolition debris
  • Preparation of construction cost estimates   

Facility demolition required compliance with applicable federal, state, and local (Town of Amherst and UMA campus) requirements, as well as adherence to applicable codes and standards for building abatement and demolition, utility termination, and management of impacted demolition debris, waste, and soils. Weston & Sampson developed a schedule of required permits with applicable permitting agencies / authorities, time lines for review / approval, as well as a strategy for permit filing. We provided permitting schedule updates at project progress meetings throughout the feasibility study, design, and construction phases.

Following the completion of the feasibility study, Weston & Sampson prepared contract documents, including plans and specifications for completion of the project under an MGL Chapter 149A (Construction Manager-at-Risk) contract. Weston & Sampson provided construction  administration and full-time resident services for the construction phase of the project.


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