Resilient Waterfront Park Design

Langone Park & Puopolo Playground Resilient Design

Working with the Boston Parks and Recreation Department (BPRD), Weston & Sampson is developing final designs and obtaining permits for the complete refurbishment of this signature waterfront park in Boston’s historic North End.

This 4.5 acre property is the recreational lifeline for Boston’s most densely developed community, with few other open space assets located within this geographic area. As such, this venue must provide critical active and passive recreational opportunity to a diverse, multi-generational population. The park also provides a critical link within Boston’s HarborWalk network, a series of pedestrian corridors that form the interface between public and private property and Boston Harbor.

Weston & Sampson’s design efforts include lighting, benches, and interpretive signage conveying the unique historical and environmental heritage of this site. Our work also involves the design of a high-performance natural turf Little League field with LED lighting and sports netting, as well as a synthetic multi-use field that includes a baseball diamond with a movable mound and a softball field overlaid on a soccer field (high school dimensions) with markings for youth league play.

Our resiliency experts are also working with representatives from BPRD, Climate Ready Boston, and other City of Boston entities to implement a series of coastal resiliency strategies as part of the park reconstruction. The keys to our resilient designs include reconstructing the seawall, elevating facilities within the park, and installing high-end amenities that serve community needs while blocking anticipated flood paths that could cause extensive future damage to park assets.



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