Resource Protection

Water Resource Protection Strategies for Hobbs Brook Reservoir

The Hobbs Brook Reservoir represents a key source in the City of Cambridge’s water supply system. The reservoir is surrounded by a wide variety of land uses characteristic of an urban-suburban setting in eastern Massachusetts. The presence of large transportation corridors (Route 2 and I-95) as well as commercial and residential properties makes water resource protection strategies complex.

Weston & Sampson was retained by the Cambridge Water District (CWD) to evaluate limnologic conditions, characterize nutrient inputs from stormwater systems, and develop cost-effective, yet safe, management strategies for this drinking water reservoir. The characterization included an evaluation of nuisance aquatic vegetation, water quality profiling, and an evaluation of historic water quality sampling efforts, both within the reservoirs embayments as well as from stormwater systems. Recommendations for the development of Stormwater Best Management Practice and an in-lake management program to maintain limnological health provides a low-cost plan for CWD now and in the future.


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