River Wastewater Studies

Saluda River Basin and Reedy River Basin Wastewater Studies

Weston & Sampson was retained by Renewable Water Resources (ReWa) to evaluate the service area planning, growth projections, wastewater system capacity, pump station condition and capacity of the Saluda Lake Trunk Sewer System.

ReWa is a large regional water management district (the former Western Carolina Regional Sewer Authority) that serves a large part of western South Carolina.  The ReWa system includes a number of wastewater treatment facilities (WWTFs) of varying ages and sizes, spread across the region.  As growth in the region has continued, the need to continually provide for capacity and manage the existing WWTF capacity presents an increasing challenge to ReWa.  In the Saluda River basin, this includes evaluating the current interceptor systems and treatment locations, and the provisions for future expansion of the sewer service areas to outlying areas.  Our task includes analysis of the basin flows and distribution of those present and future flows to the downstream WWTFs with future capacity provisions for the expected growth.

The sewer system included five pump stations, and Weston & Sampson provided recommendations for meeting future demands. Weston & Sampson developed a hydraulic system model using SEWER GEMS hydraulic modeling software to analyze the gravity and pumped sewer system. Model input data and various scenarios will be delivered along with recommendations.

As a part of this project, Weston & Sampson was also asked to provide technical engineering support for the development of a hydraulic wastewater system model for the Reedy River Trunk Sewer System in order to evaluate capacity and assist with planning for optimized system utilization and growth planning. The scope includes gravity sewer pipe diameters ranging from 16 to 60 inches.


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