Rondout Riverport Shoreline Stabilization & Public Access

Weston & Sampson was selected to provide design, engineering, and permitting services for shoreline improvements to the eastern portion of the Rondout Riverport waterfront in the City of Kingston, NY. Together with the city, we are working toward the goal of developing accessible, resilient, adaptive, and culturally sensitive shoreline improvements, which will protect important facilities, ensure the safety of residents and visitors, and stimulate economic development.

Our team is responsible for designing the bulkhead and other shoreline restoration and stabilization applications that will mitigate flooding and improve flood resiliency. This project also includes the provision of a promenade with maintenance access and water/sewer infrastructure to the city’s lighthouse, Rondout Light II; trail connections from the Kingston Point Rail Trail along an existing causeway to Rotary Park and Kingston Point Park; and increased public access points to the water.

Project objectives include:

  • Shoreline stabilization applications
  • Stabilized infrastructure along the shore of Rondout Creek & the Hudson River
  • Improvements to land- and water-based public access
  • Enhanced aesthetics and visual continuity along the project corridor
  • Easements and agreements with property owners in the project area to ensure the successful implementation of project infrastructure and amenities

Weston & Sampson’s efforts to revitalize this important and high-visibility waterfront space as part of the Rondout Riverport Shoreline Stabilization and Public Access project help advance the city’s 1992 Local Waterfront Revitalization Program, the 2002 Kingston Waterfront Development Implementation Plan, and the 2015 Kingston Waterfront Brownfield Opportunity Area Plan. These plans and this project promote revitalization of the waterfront business district, which will, in turn, provide economic development benefits to the city and region.

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